Cover Orange Online

Cover Orange is a puzzle platform game in which the player must rearrange objects in order to shield our orange buddies from the approaching acid rain. The city that is known as the "orange capital of the world" is in the path of a potentially lethal, genetically modified rain cloud that contains fruit-dissolving vapour. It is necessary for you to move every item in your possession and then place it in such a way that it creates a roof over the oranges.

Make use of your intelligence to construct barriers that will save the greatest number of oranges possible. You may earn their undying love by doing the right thing and saving every orange-colored little sphere character you can discover throughout the game. The game Cover Orange features realistic game physics, long-lasting stages, brilliant colors, and animations that will make you laugh out loud. Don't be afraid to get in and give it a shot. It's time to get your blood pumping with a game that's constructed entirely out of orange concentrate!

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Are you smart enough to help the little critters in their quest to protect their tree from evil leaves? If so, you’ll love this challenging online game! In Cover Orange: New Adventure, players must use their wits and logic skills to help little green creatures build a tower of block structures that will keep the dangerous red leaves at bay.