Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun

In this Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun game, it's time to take your skills from the field to the racetrack. It's not enough that our beloved #7 has dominated international soccer for the past decade. No, Cristiano Ronaldo craves even more glory, so he has devised a new way to demonstrate his supernatural abilities. He's dashing and dodging his way through a crowded street instead of a nice, freshly mowed field! You must not only avoid train cars, awnings, gates, and other hazards, but you must also do so while dribbling a ball. We'd normally say this is impossible, but then we remember whose feet are laced up into those fancy shoes. We recall how many times Ronaldo has accomplished the seemingly impossible. That is why this game is both bizarre and realistic. It's fantastic!

You've Never Seen Such an Endless Runner Before.
This genre has long been a favorite of ours, but Ronaldo Kick N' Run elevates it by introducing a slew of new and challenging twists. Most online running games require you to dash left and right between two or three lanes in order to avoid hazards. You can also jump over or slide under obstacles. However, in this Ronaldo game, that is only the beginning. You've come up with a crazy and inventive way to unlock new areas of the level that you wouldn't see in a typical running game. You have "obstacles" that run straight at you instead of stationary obstacles, giving you less time to react! Finally, you have an intriguing experience and loot system that allows you to advance your reputation from novice to seasoned professional. Let's take a closer look at these features to see what makes this Cristiano Ronaldo game unique.

Shoot, Score, and Discover
It's difficult to see at first because Ronaldo is in the way, but you'll soon realize that he's dribbling the entire time! That's right, he doesn't just sprint; he dribbles at breakneck speed while avoiding all of these obstacles. Why does he require the ball? This is our favorite part because it allows you to demolish signs, swing open gates, and even unlock new areas! You'll come across a target every few yards. Launch your ball at it with pinpoint accuracy to clear the hazard. If you see a ramp drop down after you hit the target, run up it and go exploring! Who knows what you'll come across up there? You earn points for each target you hit, which contribute to your high score and professional reputation. To put it another way, fire away.

What Do They Do Here?
Did those guys really follow you from the field? Cristiano Ronaldo appears to be so despised by defenders all over the world that they couldn't help but ruin his fun in this game. They try to ruin his fun as usual, but he is simply too quick. Keep an eye out for defenders wearing blue jerseys. They don't mind fouling you because, hey, there's no ref around! As a result, they'll come at you hard and fast, most likely attempting a slide tackle each time. All you have to do is cut to the side and make them look silly as usual. This feature is fantastic because it adds a fun layer of difficulty to the game. Instead of seeing a stationary obstacle from a mile away and preparing, you blink and there's a guy sprinting across the screen at you!