Dashcraftio is worth checking

This amazing game is a massively multiplayer game where you can create and customize everything. You're in control of the world--build anything anywhere, drive any vehicle, and struggle to become the best player! In This amazing game, you can build your own worlds with pixel art and share them with friends. Play against other players in one of many different modes like racing, drifting, or building. This one provides an infinite space for creativity that you never knew existed. Get ready to escape reality

Dashcraft io is a free web-based multiplayer game that takes place in the distant future of 2117. In this time, the world has been ravaged by a deadly virus and most of humanity has been forced underground to survive. But now there's hope! The first new human with immunity to the virus has been born, and it's your job to find them and bring them back to civilization so that they can save the

Dashcraftio is a 3D racing, building and sandbox video game. The multiplayer experience of the game takes place in a cube that has dimensions of 100 voxels (100x100x100) and represents the whole world. The player can explore this world through a car, race other cars, build houses, construct roads to connect them, or do anything else they can think of. There are various modes in This amazing game such as "Race" where you compete against other human players trying to finish first and "Build" where you have unlimited resources to create something without time constraints. The game is being developed completely in WebGL using React for the UI and Redux for state management. We are using Phaser as the engine but are expanding to Electron with Chromium so we can also release on desktop

This one is the first car drifting game on the web. Drift your car in a competitive race for glory. Race against opponents and try to become the champion of This one. Collect coins and purchase new cars with them, or browse our in-game store to find other items such as speed boosts and new