Slither io

Slither io is a great io game delivered in 2016. Control a snake, eat shining circles to build your snake's size. Your principal objective is to turn into the longest worm in the field and rout all players. Assuming your snake's head crashes into any piece of another snake, you will detonate and the game is finished.

At the point when a worm kicks the bucket, its body will transform into sparkling pellets (circles) that it had before its demise. Players can consume pellets dropped from dead worms to develop their size. These pellets give more mass than ordinary pellets.

You can left-snap or twofold tap the screen to accelerate and delivery to quit utilizing support. In any case, when you utilize the lift, your snake loses some mass and its size will shrivel marginally. The mass lost from the lift will show up as a line of pellets where you utilize the lift. Also, players can recover the mass lost by consuming the pellets.

Be the lone survivor!

Game Features:

12 unique skins

Magnificent designs

Continuous multiplayer contests

Game Tips:

At the point when you start the game, take a stab at gathering whatever number spheres as could be expected under the circumstances to develop your size. Make an effort not to join pointless fights toward the start.

There are 2 unique spheres on the guide:

The gleaming circles seem when a snake falls. The quantity of spheres relies upon the size of the snake.

The drifting circle floats around the guide. It will take off when you pursue it. So it's hard to gather however it merits your work. These circles give a more noteworthy measure of mass than different spheres.

Use Boosts with impeccable timing to outsmart and wipe out your adversaries.