Snake Yo

Snake Yo is the most famous snake game on the market today. Beautiful 3D graphics has attracted a large number of players. This is a game that promises to bring unique fun to the participants.

Simple gameplay

The control buttons are intuitively designed to help users easily access and use them. Anyone can join the game easily. You just need to manually control the "snake" head to the items along the way. Eat items that will increase length and increase strength.

Easy-to-operate interface
The interface of the system is intuitively designed, directing users to simplicity. In the main window, the game will appear a menu bar to change the information you want. From there your snake will have many different shapes. At the top of the screen is the player's score, making it easy to track.

How to play Snake Yo
The goal of Snake yo participants is to be the biggest. Besides eating bright spots, you can also eat other snakes, causing them to stab your body with their heads.

Speed ​​up in by pressing the button on the mobile screen. This is a pretty interesting strategy of the game. You can speed up to distract the opponent, and this speed button also helps you avoid hunting the strong.

Eat the seeds of the morning
Eat bright seeds to get bigger and longer. If you defeat the opponent, you can eat their corpses easily. When a giant snake dies, a lot of items are left behind, you should quickly eat it.

Run in a circle
The goal of the game is to eat other snakes, and destroy opponents quickly. When you have enough length it will be easy to use many tactics. You can surround the opponent to not escape that circle, then the opponent will die, and you have the right to eat all the items left by the opponent.