is an online io game in which you play as a snake attempting to live in a snake-infested battlefield. Consume colorful food to grow larger and take down other snakes to become a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Our Opinion
" is a frenetic battle of the snakes with fast-paced combat. It's been properly converted from mobile to web and has difficult online opponents, unlike many snake IO games with uncertain multiplayer status. "The movement is responsive, and it's a decent snake game that fits well in the IO genre," says CrazyGames Editor. is an online game that you can play.
Consume the bits greedily in order to grow huge.
Go to the battleground and show who the greediest, most slithery snake in the world is.

Slither around the arena like a snake, collecting up food scraps and become the fattest snake in town.

Move as quickly as a ninja and swoop in for the kill.
Holding the left mouse button allows you to move quickly. This expends the energy from the food you consumed. You can be a cunning little snake and sweep in front of other players to eliminate them. When you kill another snake, they leave all the food for you to eat!

Get dripped on new skins.
Once you've mastered how to play the ultimate snake IO game, you can purchase skins from the skins shop. Several skins can be unlocked by fulfilling achievements such as high scores and playing on consecutive days.

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Suggestions and Techniques
Because you're little, you may move quickly and take more chances.
Follow the crown to discover the largest snake in the game. When you're big enough, trap other snakes in a circle.
Make yourself an absolute unit and utilize your size to terrify others.