Stabfish 2

Stabfish 2 is the continuation of, a shark battling field .io game. Fight different sharks in a web-based field and skewer the most that you would be able. This subsequent portion includes new sharks, capacities, plunder, and considerably more. is a free iogame. Welcome to the wet and out of control universe of In the event that you adored the first Stabfish, you will cherish its continuation. Stabfish 2elevates the all around interesting interactivity of the first game and adds a lot of cool new mechanics which permit you to flex your technique.

Pick your shark
There are three shark advancements. You advance each time you bite the dust. The initial 3 sorts are Blue Shark, Great White Shark, and Megaladon. Every one of these 3 movements is upgradeable. The updated sharks accompany better capacities. You can open them by arriving at achievement accomplishments.

Fight in the field
Stabfish 2 is about the high speed fight. An adversary could skewer you in under a moment. Move quick utilizing your lift and attempt to get the greater fish out with rapid moves. Whenever you spear an adversary shark, they'll be adhered to your tusk until you swim into a divider. Doing this eliminates them and spills the nourishment for your renewal.

Plunder and art new stuff
Stabfish IO 2 comes total with a plundering and creating framework. The plunder goes to your stock sack under materials, outlines, or improvements. You can utilize the materials to make the things found in diagrams, which have different unique case levels.